Home remedies to keep away the skunks and get rid of them.

Skunks can create a lot of problems for you, when they try to invade the house. How can skunks enter into the house is a question asked by many people. So one of the best ways they use to invade the houses is through digging holes in the group. They dig holes while searching for the insects in the trash or garbage bins. Skunks are a threat to the pets/chickens or eggs. Skunks are well known animals for digging holes under the ground and squeaking in from there. They may also cause damage to the house while digging holes. Skunks are known for producing a pungent smell which is dangerous for the humans and if they spill the smell over the humans, then they may suffer from some diseases.

How to keep away and get rid of skunks from your yard

The first thing to do is to look for places where they exist and what are the items which can attract the skunks towards them. Some of the steps which can be followed are listed as:

  • Use of skunk repellents
  • Properly dispose off the garbage in an airtight plastic bag
  • Throw the garbage bag within the bin rather than placing it outside the trash bin.
  • Traps are also helpful in catching the skunks and moving them to other places.

Home repellents for skunks
Home remedies do exits and hence are useful too. Some of the home repellents are also used for removing the skunks from the house. If the animal is comfortable within your area, then you need to think of some strong tactics to get rid of it. Homemade repellents need to be used frequently as they evaporate with some time. Some of the repellents are:
  • Combine hot peppers, jalapeno, cayenne and onion with water. Boil them for a few minutes. Strain the water. The obtained mixture is used as a homemade skunk repellent spray.
  • The use of predator urine can also work as a repellent. These are available at various shops or either can be collected from the shops.
  • Using the ammonia soaked rags in the yard is also helpful.
NOTE: Chocolate is never used as a skunk repellent. Chocolate contains bromine elements in it which is hazardous for the skunks, which can kill them. If other animals are exposed to it, they can also be killed wherever they are found. Getting rid of skunks is quite a challenging situation. Repellents are not the only situation as they do not give long lasting results. Repellents will dispose of some time. Best strategy to get rid of skunks is the use of traps.

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