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Welcome! Collierville Wildlife Removal is a full-service pest control company specializing only in the removal of nuisance animals in Collierville, Tennessee. Whether you have a problem with squirrels in the attic, a raccoon in your garbage, skunks under your shed, rats or mice in your house, a snake in your yard, or a problem with birds or bats, we can solve it! We are fully trained and know everything about the wildlife of Tennessee. We answer our phone 24/7, and can schedule a same-day or next day appointment. Call us at 901-468-3296 and see why we are voted Collierville's best animal removal company! Some of the services we offer include:

  • Humane Animal Trapping & Relocation
  • Home, Roof, and Attic Inspections
  • Preventative and Animal Damage Repairs
  • Attic Cleanup, Feces Cleanup, Odor Control
  • Collierville, TN Snake Removal
  • Poison-free Rat & Mouse Control - Permanent
  • Bat Removal and Bird Control
  • Dead Animal Carcass Removal

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Collierville trapping During these times of uncertainties, seeking for the assistance of your service provider at the time when you need them the most can be a struggle. Fortunately, you will never experience those issues with us. We have been dealing with wildlife creatures and all sorts of zoonotic diseases that they carry for years. We know what products and procedures to implement to ensure that not only the wildlife created are out of your property but also those bacteria and virus-causing diseases that they carry. We will never be satisfied until our customers are satisfied with our work. If we cannot solve your wildlife problem, we will refund your final payment to us. We have designed a service that is based on our company's demand and needs. Combined with the latest technology of today and the scientifically-proven method, we can guarantee that we will solve your concerns in no time. We will conduct a comprehensive home inspection method. We will determine the source of the infestation. We will apply your chosen solution in all areas of your home, and we will make sure that your family and your property will be protected from future wildlife problems. We will provide you with a detailed analysis and report at the end of our service. This will give you a better insight into our implemented strategy and the cost of each service.

What Prices Do We Charge?

Every wildlife situation is different: What type of animals? do you need trapping, prevention, repairs, cleanup? Call us and we can give pricing for your situation.

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Collierville trapping

We are experts in the wild animals of Tennessee. We treat these animals with respect, in a humane manner. We are not a typical Collierville exterminator company. We focus on complete solutions, and have experience with every type of unwanted critter in Collierville, TN. Example animals we handle include:

  • Collierville animals in the attic like squirrels
  • Collierville rodent extermination - no poisons
  • Collierville bat removal and Collierville bird control
  • Collierville snake removal, Collierville dead animal removal

Collierville wildlife control Tip of the Month:

How to inspect a house for house mouse entry holes

House mice have unique abilities; they can hop, creep and even utilize the tiniest openings to get into the house. The primary imperative stage that will enable you to dispose of them with no challenges is examination and observation. Through investigation and checking, you will have the capacity to recognize their entrance openings and other concealing spots.

House mice can enter a home or any building from numerous entry points. One principal area to check for is your pipes including the drainage and sewage system. Regularly there are holes that we don't see at first, however, can later prove to be a strategic entry point for the undesirable house mice. Another area is ground level venting around the base of your home. Such regions permit simple access into your home. The third path is by rooftop corner crossing points.

Some of the pointers that can help you in identifying the entry points of these house mice are discussed below.

Droppings and Urine Stains
Droppings from house mice have pointed ends, and they are about 1/4 to 1/8 inch in length. Moreover, their pee has a musky scent, and much of the time the stains are ordinarily identifiable on wood. It is in this way a smart thought to look through your drawers, cupboards, counters and under the sinks for either droppings or pee stains. Recognizing them will help you effectively find an entryway of mice into your home.

Gnawing Marks and leftover debris
Mice, as a rule, bite on nearly everything; along these lines, you can search for gnawing marks on entryways, windows, baseboards, pipes, cupboards, clothes that are bundled and heaps of wood. When you recognize these imprints, you will be in a better position to trail their entrance points into your home.

Mice will undoubtedly scurry around, squeak and chew inside attics and walls particularly amid the night. This makes it relatively easy to recognize their entrance points into your home.

The examination does not just include the interiors of your home, yet it starts from outside of the house. You need to assess your wall to guarantee that there are no passage points that will permit house mice to get into your home.

The sewage and the drainage pipes structure are likewise most possible entry points that will permit house mice to get into your home or building. It is of absolute significance to guarantee that these spots are all around sealed and adequately blocked to deny entrance to house mice into your home.

Thick vegetation, messy lawns or yards, heaps of wood and garbage are likewise a strong attraction for mice; you need to ensure that they are dealt with appropriately.

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We service local towns such as Piperton, Germantown, Rossville, Cayce, Slayden. If in doubt about our service range near Collierville, or the wildlife services we offer, give us call at 901-468-3296. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your Collierville pest control critter problem! 4100 S Houston Levee Rd, Collierville, TN 38017